The Cork Collection - Give Back in Style

From April 2019, 50% of each sale from The Cork Collection will be donated to Vegan Charities and Animal Sanctuaries in BC. A great way to make a difference in style and a great gift for an animal lover!

Each purchase will come with a certificate of thanks, detailing how much your purchase has donated and to which organisation. 

If you have a Sanctuary or a Charitable Organisation in mind, let me know upon purchase and I can donate to the Vegan Organisation of your choice. 

About Cork

Cork is a water-resistant, organic material, and has been used for centuries. Harvested from the Cork Oak tree, forests of these trees are combating habitat destruction for many animals in southern Europe. 

Commonly known as Vegan leather, it is very hard wearing, easily recyclable, biodegradable and requires no chemicals or pollutants in the production process. 

As well as having a positive impact on the environment, cork cord is also very comfortable, breathable and each piece has a unique grain making it a great addition to any style piece. 

Portuguese laws protect the harvest of Cork, limiting it to once every 9 years. The first harvest doesn't usually take place until the tree is around 25 years old.