Green Marble

"To own a piece of Scottish marble is to own a piece of Scotland itself."

Green Marble has been a treasured gem for centuries. Found on the west coast of the Highlands and on the isles of the Hebrides, these stones vary in colour from pure whites to stunning marbled greens and even blues and black.

Colour and patterning is dependent upon the source and amount of plan matter that the marble came in contact with over the centuries spent in the rolling waves. 

On the Isle of Iona fisherman would not leave port without these lucky green gems, said to protect against drowning or perils at sea. Also referred to as St Columba's tears, named for the Irish Abbot and Missionary credited for introducing Catholicism to the area in 563AD. 

Today these beautiful stones are used by healers to help the body return to a time unhindered by the stresses and pollution of modern times.

The stone has never been commerically exported outside of the UK and is collected in small batches by hand off the beaches. Making this unique stone and its strong connecting properties, one to cherish.