Iona Marble Crochet Silver Pendant
Iona Marble Crochet Silver Pendant

Iona Marble Crochet Silver Pendant

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  • Handmade in Sidney, BC
  • Handpicked and lovingly crafted stone from the Isle of Iona
  • Eco Sterling Silver Spirals
  • 18" Eco Sterling Silver Chain
  • Vegan Cork Cord Option (inquire upon purchase)
  • 2" pendant
  • Free Shipping 

Each piece of marble has a different pattern and coloring, it is a truly unique and visually dynamic gemstone.

Crocheting wire produces a delicate, lace-like appearance. Knotting the silver in such a way makes the finished product very light, flexible and extremely durable.  

About The Marble

About the artist 

Significance of the spiral

Inspired by the golden ratio and sacred geometry; a fundamental building block of our Universe, spirals are a representation of life, nature and art in all it's varied and many aspects.

About the Silver

The high quality sterling silver in this piece is recycled from industrial machinery and given a new lease of life as a long lasting piece of unique wearable art, making it the perfect accompaniment for the stunning marble. Read more about our Silver Stewardship practices on the home page.


This item can be gift wrapped and include a hand written personalised message as well as a certificate of authenticity from the designer.

Let me know upon checkout and I will be happy to personalise your gift to your specifications.  


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